Solkraftverk @Bock´s nr 11

Störst i Österbotten – bland de största i Finland

Basic data:

  • Estimated 630 MWh per year, 750kWp
  • 2240 solar panels
  • The annually produced energy by the solar plant together with earth energy, covers all energyconsumption of Wasa Innovation Center All electricity of Bock´s beer production, Restaurant and catering operations are covered. Also, all WIC events are totally renewable energy.
  • Very relevant for UPC Printing House. The solar plant produce up to 90% of UPC Printing House’s electricity consumption during summer’s peak production times.
  • We continue to work on further sustainability for printing house together with Vasa Elektriska
  • all games produced by Platonic Partnership are produced by 100% renewable energy heating-electricity for programming + Bock´s eating&drinking
  • Energy Spin all events and office 100% renewable
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