Seema’s Food: Autumn, here you are; with Pumpkins all around

The winds of change it is and there are beautiful colours all around. Slowly the summer turns to autumn, and with it comes the rains, the wind and the sun too, shining brightly. It’s as if all of them are vying for attention and this is how nature plays ; and what we see is beautiful amber, red, orange, yellow amidst the greens; and the blue skies added as the backdrop. What a mosaic of colours this spread is!

And when I try to recreate these colours on my plate, it’s a both pleasure for my eyes and comfort for my soul. Not forgetting the healthy feed to my body.

With the chill in the air, what one craves is something warm and sweet to create that comfort feel. That’s why probably nature too conspires, and there´s pumpkin-time all around. Different colours, different sizes and also folklores adding to the drama of it all. Like I had mentioned in one of my earlier post http://www.megamedia.fi/media/Mega_v4118_netti.pdf

Page 24 and then of course the Cinderella, fairy tale wherein the giant pumpkin was converted to a carriage for her and at the midnight hour it turns back to the pumpkin it was!

This time with pumpkin gharges that made our brunch alongwith coconut chutney need I say more!

So, what exactly are these pumpkin “gharges”? They are made with steamed pumpkin to which jaggery is added. One may use brown sugar too and the quantity to add depends on individual’s preference. So, in a little bit of ghee (that’s clarified butter) add in the boiled pumpkin, sugar and let it all mix in. As it gets heated pumpkin and sugar leave some water. Let it cook a bit and dry a little. Switch off the stove and let it cool and to this mixture add in the wheat flour, a pinch of salt and make the dough. Let it rest for a little while and then roll out the puris – that is the circular small flat shape and fry them in the hot oil. Here the puffed up gharges are ready. Beautiful yellowish-orange colour complementing the hues outside. Pair it with coconut chutney and wash it down with a nice ginger infused chai!

For the coconut chutney, grate, the fresh coconut and add some chopped garlic, finely chopped coriander, some cumin seeds, salt, chili, lime juice and a wee bit of sugar. Grind it well in the blender and it’s ready to eat. You may use it as dip, adding it to yoghurt, or also smear it on bread alongwith butter and you have a tasty chutney sandwich.

And if you do not want to make the puris and yet are craving for some sweet dessert- pumpkin halva is what I would recommend.

Grate the pumpkin. Heat a pan, add a bit of ghee or the vegan butter and add in the grated pumpkin, toss it a bit, add in sugar, mix it gently and allow it to cook a bit. To this mixture add the milk, evaporated or if you are vegan go with almond milk. Let it cook for sometime. Add in raisins, nuts, cardamom powder and its ready to be eaten. Just warm, sweet and comforting halva to spice up your mood on the grey autumn day.



Seema Ganoo

Engineer by education, passionate photographer & food enthusiast from India, presently based at Burlington, Canada is happy to contribute this column which combines her love of food & photography. 

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